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    When a child is born, then right from his birth he acquires some right. But that’s the stage when he or she doesn’t have the sense to understand those rights. But as we grow up we come to know some of our rights through our education. But some even don’t know their basic rights due to dearth of knowledge and awareness. In fact there has been continuous violation of human rights in matters related to social, economics, civil etc.

    For those who want to make a career in Human Right one has to have a detailed knowledge of laws related in this field with requisite work experience which can be gained only through services to the society on a voluntary basis or by working under an organization through an internship program. But there is no starting point to make a career in this field.

    There are immense opportunities available to an individual in human rights from government sector both at state and central level to international level and non governmental organizations including non profit seeking organizations. This one of the most challenging jobs with a satisfaction one would not be able to find in any job.

    As mentioned earlier that there is no specific entry level in such kind of a field as the scope of this field is very extensive yet a bachelor degree is adequate for entry into such a field in which job designation varies such as researchers, assistant coordinator, communication assistants etc with working experience playing an important role. So the area of this field is very wide and anyone can make money out it provided one has the desire to work in human right otherwise without any interest it will be difficult for anybody to make a career in this field. Under graduate students too can make career in human rights and even be a part of government system.

    People with masters degree can get a job of mainly administrative, management, or reporting type such as the project manager, writer, legal advocate etc. But it is to be understood that such kind of a job not only requires knowledge but also skills like communication skills, oratory skills, association skills, research skills, promotional skills etc. He must also possess the hunger to take up responsibility as it mainly involves works which are high on responsibility and must also be fearless.

    There are various organization who are actively involved in human right activities and who constantly hire professionals such as the Amnesty International, One World, Amicus, Human Right Watch, British Institute Of Human Rights, United Nations Human Rights, Institute for Global Communication, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam International, UNICEF etc to name a few.

    Now as far as the government jobs are concerned there is plethora of options available in this field. But has to identify his strengths and weaknesses and take a move towards this field. The work opportunities available in government job depends a lot more on the qualification one possesses with the relevant experience in this field. Jobs in government sector may vary from a position of a clerk, personal assistant, section officer or inspector in the National Human Rights Commission to the position of a lawyer who advocates on human rights.


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