• Details of The working note of government photo registry in Maharashtra

    Details of The working note of government photo registry in Maharashtra

    The working note of government photo registry

    Registration Department is a part of Revenue & Forest Department, Inspector General of Registration is head of the Department. Government Photo Registry Office, Pune is under Registration Department. Manager is head of the Government Photo Registry Office
    The Registration of document was under hand copying system up to the year 1920.

    After that from the year 1921 to 1927 the preservation of documents was on blue prints.

    Since year 1928 till today the preservation of document is under Microfilming (photography) system, but due to increase in number of documents, registration and subsequently increase in preservation of documents the Xerox system was adopted from 1/10/1995 and due to increase in registration workload of document andd being output capacity is as it is. Government has taken the decision of scanning of registered document on experimental basis by the Government undertaking C-DAC Institute.

    Working progress :-
    The documents registered from 384 Sub-Registrar Offices of Maharashtra State are sent to this office for the photography, printing and certification as per the Registration Act, 1908, Section 71.

    The staff required for this working process is as follow :-
    Total Staff -- 155
    Technical Staff -- 77
    Non-Technical Staff -- 78

    Receipt Section :-In this section, three employees are receiving the documents as per the list from Sub-Registrar Offices and send the acknowledgment to the respective Sub-Registrar Office and makes the entry in General Register for each Sub-Registrar Office separately.

    Numbering � 3000 pages :-As per decided quota the numberer checks the list and confirms the number of documents with pages and he mentions the record on first and last document of the list of document as per list number, date of receipt, number of documents and number of pages. Number should be written on Top of the page of every document by Lead Pencil.

    Photography :- Quota 2000 sides on one camera:-In this section photographer photographs 2000 sides per day with the help of his assistant. The make of camera is SE-7 Japan, CZ German for one film side photography quota is reduced up to 1500 sides per day.

    Developing :- The film rolls are developed and processed with sephia tone day to day with skilled manual process.

    Printing Section :-The 1500 sides are printed with the help of One Enlarger, Two Senior Technical Assistant and One Unit. The Enlarger make is Pathe CZ Enlarger Germany.

    Toning Section :- The work of print washing, Sepia toning and drying is completed in this section with the help of 12 workers.

    Scrutiny :- With the help of 7 Technical Employees, the prints are scrutinized as per office decided work is 3000 sides per day by one scrutinizer after the work of tagging the prints are ready for certification.

    8) Certification Section :- 600 sides per day :-

    The work certification is completed by Photo Registrar and the decided work is 600 sides per day by one Photo Registrar and film is also certified.

    General Section :- In this section the document rejected by Photo Registrar for the various reason and the top priority documents (i.e. Court and Bank requirements) procedure is completed.

    Despatch Section :- After completion of above process of photography and certification and the Original documents with two record prints are dispatched to respective Sub-Registrar Office

    Film Record Section :- The certified films are preserved in this section and the work of pasting of films and this section also supplying the extra copy as per the requirement of Sub-Registrar Office.

    Film Checker checks the film as per the quota 76 film tins per day.

    C-DAC � Scanning Pilot Project :-
    As per the Government Order dtd. 28th March, 1999, C-Dac should give 10 Lac sides after scanning and printing on the experimental basis. Every original document is opened for scanning. These opened documents are scanned page wise. The image of these pages is stored on the hard disc of a computer. Later these images undergo various procedures, such as blank page marking, blank page deletion, renaming and printing etc. Finally these images are taken on a Compact Disk.

    Under this system of scanning of document C-Dac is expected to deliver a output of 20,000 pages per day to Govt. Photo Registry Office. After checking and certification by Photo Registrar, the prints are ready for despatch. The prints rejected by Photo Registrar are rescanned and printed by C-Dac. This Compact Disc (CD) is made ready for preservation.


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